The Winds of Change

Orange Leaves represent the winds of change

The “winds of change.”  Do you remember that saying?  The only thing that really comes to mind is in the Disney Mary Poppins movie where she says she will stay until the wind changes.

I’m sitting outside right now, and it’s actually quite pleasant after a night of sweltering heat.  The sky is dark, and the winds are blowing, a cool breeze thankfully, with some much needed rain, not yet released, but it’s there.  Yes, this is a different kind of morning for summer, but welcomed.

Do you remember your parents, or grandparents saying how things were in their day? Do you remember saying,”yes mame; no sir”, to adults including your parents?  How about something as simple as learning to write your name in cursive with the cursive alphabet as a border on the walls of your classroom?

Yes, things change.  Respect seems to have gone out the window with the mentality of entitlement and narcissism.  It seems like the more everyone does “their own thing” the more everything else changes.  Instead of embracing differences we want everyone to “measure up” and be the same.  That’s why we don’t teach cursive, we’re too busy making sure kids memorize material for standardized tests.

I was thinking of how these, and other changes affect us as a whole?  Does it matter if kids don’t learn to write their names?  I mean if everyone uses tablets and smartphones then maybe they can get by.  But what about those smartphones that auto correct and make a complete mess out of what someone was trying to say?

This past week I have watched several people decide they were no longer going to spend as much time online as they were.  Why?  Because it can suck the life right out of you, and many were/are losing their ability to communicate.  That sounds redundant, but think about it. People write all sorts of things, post tons of pictures of cats and dogs, and  babies, but never talk to their neighbor.  Time is precious, and the older you get, the more you realize this.

Change seems to be making some people aware of how precious life is and how much they are missing being online all day.

So, as I sit here with this beautiful change in the weather today, I am wondering how long before more young people will put their phones down, and embrace all that life has to offer.  The small things, the memories to make, that will sustain them as they get older.  I am wondering when parents will stop buying their kids all the latest and best electronics and let the kids learn to deal with life.  Face to face.  Disappointments, failures and successes.

Well, that’s my thinking for this Monday Morning Coffee time.  I am sure I just rattled on with the same ole’ stuff, but hey, at least I’m consistent.  Hope you enjoy your day, and the rest of the week.



2 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. Ah yes, change. Sometimes we wish it didn’t have to happen, sometimes we wish it would happen faster. One thing is undeniable: change will happen whether we are ready for it or not. The kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to accept the changes and go on.
    I worry about the level of disrespect that seems to be prevalent today. If I had said even one iota of the things kids say to their parents today I would have had my ass paddled and my ears boxed! It is sad that disrespect seems to be the norm. NEVER would you hear the strongest, foulest language being said except by those who were considered to be of very low class, and yet today it is common to hear such words being expressed in very public places such as restaurants, regardless of whether there are young children present.
    Sadly, as we age, and our children become parents, we can only hope that we instilled enough sense of right and wrong so that they can use that to teach their own children.
    This is an electronic age we live in, sadly. We think we could not survive without half of the gadgets we have today, but the truth is we could and would survive just fine! It is slightly amusing to hear of people ‘getting away from it all’ and yet still having a tablet and smartphone with them. Oh, for the simple life of times gone by, when there were no phones in homes and you TALKED to people! Actually sat down across a table from one another and spoke directly to each other. Without a phone, without Internet chat and without texting! Can you imagine suggesting a thing to a young teen today? They would be horrified at the thought….lol
    Absolutely gorgeous image, Kathy!
    Looking forward to next Monday’s thoughts.
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  2. It’s funny that I came across your blog about change this morning, because it’s been a big subject today in our group. I believe change is an opportunity. I believe that change can be used to your advantage, but change goes on with, or without, you. What you do with those changes is up to you. Throughout history, people have found ways around obstacles, to make something new or improved from something that changed, and I believe we still have that spark inside us. I like reading your blog, it’s always interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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