What Do You Take For Granted?

Are you reading this in a warm house? Many of us take things for granted, including heat! We expect we will have it! As I sit here tonight, I am reminded to appreciate what I do have, and not what I don’t. That’s not as easy as it sounds, especially with my continuing journey trying to heal my arm, but that’s another story.

Heat shouldn't be taken for granted

Tonight it is pretty cold outside. Way colder than it was in San Diego where I have been staying since July, but not as cold as it is in other parts of the country, or even other countries. Tonight I have heat. Others do not, and that is something many of us take for granted.

Recently I was on Facebook and just happened to go to a page that was talking about elders and babies that are in desperate need of heat (propane). I read about an auction that was set up, (Rockin the Rez) with donated items from members of another group, and every penny from the auction winner goes directly to a fund set-up to help pay for propane. Well, I had to check it out. It’s for people on the Pine Ridge Rez in South Dakota, which I already knew was pretty devoid of opportunities being in the middle of nowhere. Plus Winters there are brutal!

Everyone that knows me knows I love win-win situations. After finding, and liking Julia’s FB page, I bid on some earrings. I figured I had been blessed with help during this year, and this was a way I could give something back. I won one of the auctions, and will give the earrings to my oldest granddaughter. See, a win-win. Some money to the propane fund, and a beautiful gift for someone I love dearly.

The other good thing about finding this FB page was I found some new people that I didn’t know. Often we’re comfortable in our own routine, and don’t venture to new experiences, or think of others as much as ourselves. I am guilty of this for the past year, what with the death of my brother, mother, and then my own accident. It has been quite a challenging year, and I haven’t spent the time to nourish the relationships I had made online in the past. In fact many people I know have been struggling as well with one thing or another. But we can all give something…time, money, a kind word to someone that might really need it.

What I have learned is the things we take for granted can be taken away very easily. A death, an accident, medical problems, job loss, or maybe lack of heat in a harsh winter can change our lives in a second. It happens everyday.

Today….think of the things you have, and how it would feel if you lost them. The lesson I learned this year is never, ever, take anything for granted, whether it’s the use of 2 hands, or the life of those we love, or even the heat that is so easy to just turn on, because we can! Today I am grateful for so much, but none of it do I take for granted anymore!

If anyone wants to donate to the Rockin’ the Rez Propane Fund (every little bit helps) they have a Paypal address that makes it very simple: info@bicona.com. Or checks can be sent to:

Rockin’ the Rez
c/o Lakota Plains Propane
PO Box 1994
Pine Ridge, S.D. 57770

I will end this with a quote, a good one I found for this Post. “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” by William James. I think that says it all!

12 thoughts on “What Do You Take For Granted?

  1. I was thinking of you today and decided to drop by. So glad you were able to type a post and also to enjoy the holidays with your family. A difficult year, that’s an understatement! But it ended on a positive, and how like you to now be thinking of others. We are indeed fortunate, those of us who are blogging or connecting via social media, if we have a computer and the electricity to power it, and a warm room to type in, and enough health to do so without great discomfort. Wishing you a warm, happy and healthy 2014!

    • Indigo my friend…how lovely to see you today :) I am sure 2014 will be full of blessings, new adventures, and a calm soul. Of course I wish you all of the same and more!

  2. Thank you my friend for the post, like the others I’m sorry for your losses, I had no idea. One more thing…I loved your ending quote, going to borrow it myself.
    Thanks and my friend, Lynda E

  3. Thank you for writing this Kathy, I’m so happy that you are now able to type! Your post hits home for many people during the Holiday’s, but it really should be remembered every day. I think all of society needs to slow down and do the old saying ‘smell the roses’. I live in a cold part of the US, and am very thankful during the winter that I have heat – but that wouldn’t be possible for me if I didn’t have help through assistance programs.

    • Deb,
      I like what you say. In a world that’s so commercialized, and competitive, many don’t take the time to slow down, or count their blessings enough. As for the heat, yes your area gets those harsh winters also. I saw some video from the winters in South Dakota and it reminded me of my Peace Corps days with the freezing Siberian winds, and living with heat only a few days a week. It was either heat or hot water…but never both at the same time. I even duck-taped the doors shut to try to keep the draft out. It wasn’t fun at all!

  4. Kathy I am so happy for you that things are looking up! You’ve been through an awful lot this year. Your blog is inspirational, and yes, you’re right…we are only about a heartbeat each day from having everything we take for granted taken away in a blink of an eye. Nobody should ever think they are invulnerable to the unexpected. So happy you can write and drive again!

    • Thanks Nancy :) Yes, “in the blink of an eye” we can lose what we have, and you are so right…all of us are vulnerable. Thanks for coming by and reading this, and for your continued support!

    • Holly…it’s so true. I find that often unless, or until something happens we don’t take the time to be grateful for even the smallest things :)

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