Smurf Pictures

I was looking for Smurf pictures to put on my Pinterest Board, @SmurfMania and ran across many of the same images.  Since I collect Smurfs I can easily take my own pictures, and decided that’s what I’m going to do.

I have a few I did already, and figure that it will probably take awhile with my other obligations, but you can check back as I will try to take photos and make new posts each week.  I have a lot of rare and vintage smurfs, and will make sure that the majority of the Smurf Pictures and photos here aren’t ones you will find on other sites.  They couldn’t be, unless someone violates my copyright, as they will all be my own photos.

Vintage Smurf Pictures

The larger of the Smurf Pictures is Smurfette with a flower.  I love her little pink polka-dot purse and the white flower she’s holding.  The other pictures you have to click to get the bigger size.  For this photo I found a jewelry box with the same coloring as Smurfette’s dress and purse and used that to place her on.  You can tell by the shadow where the sun was, and I wish that bright spot wasn’t on the right side.  But this still works as a good Smurf picture showing off one of my vintage smurfs.

Smurf Pictures Smurfette holding flower by Kathy McGraw

Smurf Picture of Vintage Smurfs Bed SheetSmurfs Image of Blue Moon by Kathy McGraw Smurf Picture of Vintage Chalkboard by Kathy McGraw  Rare Indian Smurf with Papoose Picture by Kathy McGraw

The four thumbnails are different photos I took. My favorite Smurf picture is the one of the rare Indian Smurfette picture with the papoose, probably because of the memories of the figurine itself.

Papa Smurf Picture

Here is a Smurf picture that was drawn by my grandaughter.  She loves to draw and I asked her to draw me a Papa Smurf picture to go on a webpage I made about Smurf books and coloring pages.

Drawing Papa  Smurf Picture

Gutsy Smurf Picture

In the Smurfs Movie from 2011 many Smurf fans loved Gutsy Smurf.  A friend gave me one of the Gutsy Smurf figurines and as I was taking a photo class, I took a picture of him walking across my keyboard.  The object of the photography lesson was lighting and lines.  I liked the side lighting, and of course my keyboard has several lines.

The lines of my Gutsy Smurf, and the lighting are mostly a silhouette effect against the lighter keyboard.  I like the nostalgic feel of this photo.

Gutsy Smurf Picture by Kathy McGraw

Well, those are just a few of my Smurf pictures, and I will take some more photos this week and add them to another post.

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