CC Puppy Images by Kathy McGraw

Puppies make great subjects for photography, however I love candid shots better than posed ones.  I hope you like these puppy images, and you are free to use them.  I am making them CC with attribution, but not for use on commercial products.  You can use them on a commercial website though.

A few years ago, 7 in fact, I got this adorable puppy and he would come to work with me.  I snapped these pictures of him on my desk at work.  I swear he has the same confused expression I had trying to figure out somethings on the computer.

Puppy Working on the Computer                 Kathy3I named my puppy, Boone, which was a derivative of the Romanian word for good.  Once he went to the vet someone called him Mr. Boone which I thought was quite a big name for such a little guy, the name stuck.  Mr. Boone is only about 9 weeks old in these images.  Oh, and do you notice his shirt?  I had that made for him with my company name on it.

Puppy Images Dressed for Work

Now, we all know that a puppy has a lot of energy, but after  a day at the office with the boss (that’s me) taking these photos a pup can get pretty tired!

Puppy Image Napping with toy by Kathy McGraw


I loved that puppy image of Mr. Boone knocked out with his favorite toy.  Reminded me of my kids when they were little sleeping with their teddy bear.

After a few years I took some of my puppy images and used them for work.  I had a couple Real Estate offices and one of my favorite parts of the business was marketing.  I loved coming up with different ideas, and one was a coloring book of active listings.  The goal was to make a coloring book of the listing to entertain children while their parents looked at the house.  I made some for my business, and also for a friend that sells Real Estate in Oregon.  Mr. Boone was in our coloring books also.

Puppy Image for Coloring Book

As you can see, the puppy image for the coloring book makes him look all grown up.  I love those eyes, and it really adds meaning to the saying “puppy dog eyes!”

Oh, and if anyone wants to use the puppy images you are free to do so, with a link back here.  I am making these CC Puppy Images for you to use for your own blog, or article if you want.  Except for the coloring page one. If you aren’t sure how to attribute these images, you can find the proper way here.  

I am curious which of these puppy images did you like the best?

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. How cute! And very generous of you to let others use your adorable puppy’s images. I love the first one because it looks like he’s just arrived for work and is reading his emails. :)

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