Photographer Smurf Creative Photography

What happens when you love photography, and Smurfs?  Well, first off you probably own at least one of the Photographer Smurf little blue men.  You also probably own several cameras.

The past few weeks I have been in a Contemplative Photography Workshop with Photographer Kim Manley Ort.  There are 9 lessons, and this week it’s on creativity.  So, this was easy.  I just looked around and saw my Smurfs and my cameras and decided to put the two of them together.

Photographer Smurf with Camera Picture

Collecting Smurfs I learned they are called by different names in different countries. When I went to Germany in 1988 I went into a store and saw a lot of Smurfs, but they had a name that I couldn’t pronounce. I went to that store daily for a week, and by the weeks end I could pronounce the word Schlümpf. Then when I went to Italy I learned they had a different word i Puffi. I was OK in the Netherlands because their word was easily recognizable.

Smurf Creative Photography

Here are the Multilingual Names of Smurf

  1. German-Schlumpf
  2. French-Schtroumpfs
  3. English-Smurfs
  4. Nederlands-Pitufos
  5. Spanish-Pitufos
  6. Italian-i Puffi

Millennium Smurf and Phography

This Smurf Picture is of my camera case with the rare Millennium Smurf. I’ve had it hanging on my camera case all these years, and again it combines both my loves, Smurfs and photography. As you can see, this particular Smurf isn’t one that has any value as it is scratched and quite worn.  But he’s been all over the world, and has brought me smiles for years.  That’s more valuable than anything to me.

Smurf Photography

This Smurf picture is of a Smurf sticking out his tongue. I took the photo then put it in a photography editing program and just played with it. This is the result, a creative Smurf picture that is one of a kind. It’s fun to play with both my Smurfs and Photography, put them together and you can do anything.


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