New Goals: Creativity With Photos

One week into the new year, January 7, 2013  I was already off to a good start with my new goals.  Diversify, reconnect, be more creative, and continue having fun with writing and photography, those are my goals for the new year.

Once I returned home from helping family with health issues I have been working on my goals.  I love goals.  I love being able to make lists and check the items off as they get done, it entertains me and motivates me.

The new goals I made for 2013 are to diversify my activities, and make time for the creative things I enjoy.  Actually taking my pictures and art and putting them on Zazzle, a print on demand site, was one of the goals I made.  I figure 2 or 3 new items a week should be doable, and one week I actually took a few pictures and played around with them.  One of the projects was really fun to make using the photo of a spiderweb that I spotted full of morning frost.

The first picture here shows a few of the different steps that I went through while making the final picture below.
From one picture to the next

The first slide was when I found color and put the spider web there and played with the color. Then it progressed to getting rid of the color and adding another photo I took, and cropped to the middle. It started to get a life of it’s own, but wasn’t quite there until I added a few other pictures as layers. I added several different Indian photos and one of an Eagle until I got the final picture. I loved how it turned out…reminded me of a Bev Doolittle image where there are objects that appear to be hidden in the picture.

Goals for Spring 2013

Now the Winter is over, Spring is here and time to work more on my goals of being creative with photos. I am going to see if I still have a few of the creative images, and projects I saved over the years. If I can find any, I will share them here this week-end.

In the meantime…have fun with your own creativity, and I hope everyone is still working on some of the goals they made just a few short months ago.

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