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I’ve stopped by to write a guest post for Kathy today, having heard the sad news that her arm will keep her out of action a good while longer.

It’s a reminder of how vulnerable we can be as bloggers. I don’t know about you but being able to type away without pain or inconvenience is one thing I take for granted. It’s especially frustrating for a creative spirit, and I know Kathy will be itching to get back to her photography. We all hope you get well soon, Kathy, and we miss your posts and images.

While we are waiting, readers of Kathy McGraw.com might enjoy seeing some of our friend’s talents as a photographer and designer. She sells her work via her store, SunsetArtWorks, on Zazzle. I’m sharing today a small selection of the gifts she has available there.

Count Your Blessings Cards
Count Your Blessings Cards
One thing we all appreciate about Kathy is her ability to turn negatives to positive and keep an upbeat attitude. Even when life is full of setbacks, she has always been one to count her blessings. With Thanksgiving fast-approaching for Canada and not far behind in the US, she has a perfect greetings card to encourage the rest of us to do the same. (For those of us not in North America, it also makes a perfect harvest theme for Autumn.) The design features colorful gourds, squashes and corn cobs.

California Coast Natural Wildlife Trinket Box
California Coast Natural Wildlife Trinket Box
I’ve been fortunate to take online photography classes alongside Kathy. As anyone who knows her can imagine, she is as supportive of others as she is enthusiastic about exploring her own photographic vision. Here’s an image that she shared in one of those groups which we all loved. Kathy has since put it on this gift box, creating a lovely design for wildlife lovers.

She captured this magical scene along the California coast, where pelicans, brown seals and some birds I believe are cormorants had all come together. While the seals have claimed the water’s edge, basking on the rocks as they are showered by sea spray, the birds have formed their own groups further back. As they say, birds of a feather flock together! It’s an eye-catching composition that captures different aspects of coastal life in one scene.

Nature Mug Koi Fish
Nature Mug Koi Fish
I love Japanese themes so I couldn’t leave out this next design. Ever ready with her camera, Kathy spotted these impressive Koi, one in gold and the other in white with a red patch on its head. Look closely and there’s a third, silvery fish below the golden one. As they swim close to the surface, we glimpse them beneath the ripples of water.

The design is available on the full range of Zazzle coffee and travel mugs.

Fall Abstract Butterfly IPhone 3G Case Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Fall Abstract Butterfly Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
OK, Kathy, time to tell us your secrets — just how did you make this gorgeous abstract design? I don’t know if she’ll tell us, but I’ve always found this one eye-catching with its Fall inspired colors and butterfly shapes. Even better, it’s now available on the new Galaxy S4 case.

What else will you find in-store over at SunsetArtWorks? Many of the themes Kathy holds dear, including art that honors her Native American heritage, a poem on being thankful, and scenes from nature. Why not head on over there and take a look?

I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of Kathy’s creative offerings over on Zazzle. Maybe you’ll find there just the right holiday gift for the coming season.

Now listen up, because it’s back to Kathy for the last word with this cowboy magnet design:

Western Have a Good Day Magnet
Western Have a Good Day Magnet

6 thoughts on “A Little Help From Your Friends

  1. So glad this worked out OK, Kathy, and even gladder to have you around once again even if it’s still hard for you to type all that much. Thanks for the sweet comments Kim, Holly and Kathy, but it was honestly a pleasure to feature this lovely Zazzle store and just a few of the creative treasures to be found there. We can’t wait to have you photographing, designing and blogging once more.

    • Indigo….words are never enough when it comes to friends helping friends! Thank you isn’t really sufficient, but that and my gratitude is all I have right now :) Yes, can’t wait until I can get back to blogging, photography and everything else.

  2. I was intrigued to find out who your guest post writer was, Kathy, but I had my guess and, of course, I was right. I’m honored to know virtually these two most thoughtful and talented people, Indigo and Kathy. Hope you continue to heal, Kathy, and thanks for making my day, Indigo.
    Kim recently posted…New Workshops Coming in 2014My Profile

    • Kim…yes, those of us that know Indigo wouldn’t be surprised :) She told me she will be in your November photo class and thought I would be healed enough to join, but it sure isn’t looking like it. Thanks for your wishes…I am doing everything the Dr. and therapist say….just want this healed so I can blog and do my photography again!

    • Holly, indeed Indigo is a wonderful designer. I am so impressed with her 3D stuff, as well as her photos. Thanks for visiting my friend, and hope you feel better soon!

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