Monday Morning Coffee: Kathy’s Ramblings

OK, its time for our Monday Morning Coffee. Good morning! Hope everyone had a good week-end, and that the weather didn’t affect you very much. It seems that no matter where we live, this year the weather has been crazy. Some people have too much snow, some don’t have any, but pretty much everywhere we have seen a change from previous years.

MMC snow

I remember my grandmother going on an extended road trip, and every day faithfully she wrote the weather in her journal. That seemed pretty funny to me then, but now, it seems anything outside our normal is discussed. It’s not in a journal anymore but just go to the social media sites like Facebook and if your feed is like mine, it’s filled with people sharing the weather.

Before I change the subject I am happy to announce that California finally got some rain! It rained almost all week-end and the news said we had more rain in 2 days than we’d had in a year. Boy, I must be getting old to have that statistic discussed with our coffee!

Alrighty, I want to say how happy I am to be here. I’ve missed my friends and looking forward to finding out what everyone is up to. My arm injury really changed pretty much everything, and one of my therapy goals was to be able to type for 5 minutes. The fingers don’t always hit the right keys, but I’m trying!

Anyway….I hope everyone is well. This is just a short post but I wanted to give you an update and say hi. I have now been home for 2 weeks and am absolutely thrilled! My therapy is being transferred to doctors by my house. It’s really good to be home.

I had this Video made with the same puppet that made my ebook one. The Professor tells you to do a couple things, now imagine if you couldn’t. That’s what my injury has done, and where I am right now, 7 months later. A still very painful arm, wrist and hand but my mood is better being at home. No matter how grateful we are for others taking care of us, there’s nothing like being in our own homes!

Yes, the sun will still shine, and life goes on. So, my friends, enjoy your day….and please leave me a comment of what you’re up to.

Have a good week everyone! Think warm.

mmc pool

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