Friendships: It’s Your Life, Your Story

Your life, your story, my choice. These are the simple truths I am thinking right now, as I think of friendships and what they mean.


All of us meet people on social media, through our jobs, and through life events. There are people we like to interact with, and ones that somewhere along the line we outgrew. As cold as that may sound, there are friendships that just aren’t more than casual acquaintances. And that’s OK if we look at it for what it is. Maybe a laugh at 2 am, maybe we need to feel needed so offer a helping hand to someone we think might need one.

I believe we all should lead our lives the way we choose, making the best choices we can. I also believe that not everyone makes the wisest choices. Oh, yes, we all mess up sometimes and hopefully learn from it. Some people just like drama, and some people appear to fabricate things in order to get some unmet need fulfilled. Whatever, it’s your life, your story, the same as it’s mine, and we have choices.

Today…I choose to sit outside and soak in the light breeze, before it’s too hot. Yes, the day will be very hot and many will complain all day about it. Me, I choose to take the part of the day that isn’t too hot and enjoy it to the fullest.

Today…Solutions need to be found to some things, and I know I have all day to do it. All I have to do is go online and find the address to somewhere, and take this to someone else to see if I can resolve an issue. I am choosing to spend , whatever time it takes this afternoon to problem solve.

Life will never be free of problems, but we are free to work on solutions. This includes our friendships. It’s OK to admit that you might have outgrown someone we cared about at the time. It’s OK to unfriend people on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else if their presence no longer brings anything good to you. This can be done without drama, especially if they are/were an online friend.

I try to remember that it’s your life, your story, and not judge how you choose to tell it. Or what solutions you try to find, if you in fact do. Today….I am thinking of the people I choose not to be friends with anymore as their lives have gone in different directions, and truth be told they bore me!

Boring friendships? Yea it’s OK to admit there are people that bore us, I know for a fact I can be quite boring if I forget to give my friendships time and respect and make it all about me. Which of course it isn’t. Maybe on this blog, it is, but hey, if you weren’t my friend you probably haven’t even read this far 🙂

Have a good Monday, and thanks for sharing our Monday Morning Coffee. Off to find that address and get ready for the day. May Peace be with you, and may the choices you make be good ones for you!

6 thoughts on “Friendships: It’s Your Life, Your Story

  1. Sometimes as life progresses we find we grow in different directions from those we once considered dear friends. And it is sad yet liberating to let go of those that do not grow in the directions we do. I truly believe though that there are people who are a part of your life for certain times but not necessarily forever. 🙂

    • Martha,
      I very much agree with you. This past year I was amazed at the people that came into my life. I have a kids book I had been working on but it just sat. When this group of people came into my life the book just fell into place. I do hope they stick around for awhile though 🙂

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