Fears: You Might As Well Just Croak!


Dead Frog:  Croaked

You might as well just croak If You don’t live life to it’s fullest!

Fear is something that many people live with and I know for me, it has become a problem. I’ve decided that living with this constant fear has got to end, either that or I might as well just turn over and die! Yes, irrational fears can stop us from experiencing all that life has to offer, and for me, I’ve had enough so am off to conquer my fears.

Two fears that are preventing me from fully experiencing the life I want to lead are a fear of the dark, and the other of high places, especially bridges.

A few weeks ago I thought about these fears and how I wanted to camp and RV by myself. In fact I was planning a 2 week trip to my mother’s memorial in the state of Washington and would be camping by myself. This would be the first time I have camped out, in a tent, all by myself, and it was both exhilarating and a tich scary! Yes, camping out was all fine and dandy as long as it was light out. But what happens when it gets dark?

I remember once as a little kid I ran away from home. I took food, pots and pans, a blanket, and a few clothes, whatever I could carry on my bike. I rode to a local orange grove and set up my new home. This lasted only a few hours, until it started to get dark, and I was afraid to be out by myself, in a grove of trees, so I packed up and went home. I decided that running away wasn’t a good idea if you planned to live outside, and you were afraid of the dark.

I have to blame my parents for this one….yes, I do blame them even though I know blaming doesn’t change anything but the awareness of where the fear came from. My parents used to tell us stories similar to the Boogy Man, or Baba the Witch, but with a 20th century twist. They told us about kids getting chopped up and stuffed into refrigerators! Apparently back in the day someone had done this. They must have decided this was a good way to keep children under control, I don’t know. I just know it was the beginning of my fear of the dark. Or more specifically of what the dark could hide.

OK, so camping out, by myself, in the dark would mean either I had a miserable time or I would have to do something about this fear. I decided that I would either face it or I might as well just turn over and die now!

I am very happy to say I just spent 2 nights, by myself, in a forest campground. I even left the windows in the tent open…something I never would have done before! I also admitted my fear to the camp host, and this is what she said:

Fear is:






I have one more huge fear to overcome, and that is of bridges. I already went over a couple small ones the other day, but today is the big test. Today I will go over the Astoria Bridge (in coastal Oregon) into the state of Washington. I drove hours out of my way to force myself to do this, to drive over this bridge, and in a couple hours I will.   But that story will come later. For now, suffice it to say that I am ready. I have goals for my life, and fear has no place in them. Like the camp host said, fear isn’t real, and we have a choice, conquer them, or let them conquer us.

Well, my friends, I hope you have a good Monday, and a good week as well. Live your life well, and don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams, especially things that you have control over.  Looking at our fears is the first step to overcoming them.  No, it’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try….heart palpitations, cold sweats, and a gripping fear are on the one hand, but think about what it would be like on the other.

Remember this saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”  And with that I will bid you a good week.


9 thoughts on “Fears: You Might As Well Just Croak!

  1. Great sharing these fears Kathy and continued success overcoming them. Facing them makes you on the way to conquering them.

    • Ahh Susanna, so you understand how hard this was 🙂 But, how can I go off in an RV or just camping if I let this stop me. When you went on your trip I thought you were very brave 🙂

  2. This is a terrific encouragement to all of us. Brave lady, wishing you the best with that bridge stuff! My daughter has the same problem, so I’ll let her know how you do it.

    • Hi Nancy…..ahhh I did very well with the bridge, even getting stuck on it longer because of “construction”. Bridge and construction are NOT 2 words that should go together 🙂

  3. So glad to hear that your camping out is going well. Waiting to hear how the bridge excursion goes. I have to confess to feeling some apprehension when driving across SOME bridges too, particularly those that are very high up. I usually say to myself “Oh well, not much I can do about it if something DOES happen, but there is such a slim chance of ANYTHING happening, and I really need to get to the other side!”
    I am sure all will be fine. Happy camping / traveling, my friend!

    • Oh, I have had so many great experiences already, and am waiting for my coffee to heat, then off for the day for more 🙂 We will catch up with some cool stories.

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