How to Clean House Without Being Overwhelmed

clean house in small steps

Cleaning house, now that’s something I don’t even like to even think about, let alone do.  But we do what we have to, like it or not, because that’s life!  We clean, make changes, and make decisions all based on our mood at the time.

I recently changed the curtains in the living room, because my grandaughter and friend said they didn’t like them.  That was the first time anyone had ever said anything, so I took it to heart and put new ones up.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t change them just because 2 people said they didn’t like them, but what I did do was sit down and look at them.  More than once, over several days.  I looked at them, thought about where I got them, and even took them down to see what it would look like without them.

Isn’t that what we really do when we are changing a behavior, or cleaning house mentally?  We listen, look at it, and try to make the best decision we can, with the information or materials we have available at the time.

Cleaning house can mean all sorts of things to each of us. For me, sometimes these words are quite liberating, and I’m ready for the challenge.  Sometimes though it’s a project that keeps getting put on the back burner, and then I know that this project needs a conclusion.  The projects, changes that we keep procrastinating are often times the ones that will be the most fulfilling in the end.

Short term inconvenience for a longer term benefit is how I like to clean house. Look at the big picture, then break it up into small pieces.  Today I will measure for new curtains. Tomorrow I might go see if there are any I like, and when my budget allows I will buy them.  Small steps to make sure the decision isn’t rash, and small steps so it’s not overwhelming.

I believe we all have something in our homes, or our lives, that we want to clean up, to arrange better, or eliminate totally.  Some times these choices are overwhelming, but we can do it!  Small steps, support from friends, and perseverance will help us clean house the way we want.

Well, that’s it for this Monday Morning Coffee.  I hope all of you have a good day and an even better week.  Remember that no matter what, we can clean house the way we want, in the time we choose to allow.






3 thoughts on “How to Clean House Without Being Overwhelmed

  1. Oops! Thought you were talking about cleaning the house in 1st sense… Ok I admit, I hate that, just thinking about it makes me sad. But indeed, sometimes we need to “clean the house” in another way and your post is well thought. I should start the clean up right now, I might stop procrastinating and finding everything boring 😉
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  2. Now this is what I call an inspiring Monday morning coffee. I’d just gotten my second cup, when I came across this and it’s totally appropriate right now. Cleaning house can mean cleaning the cobwebs from your mind too, I think. Shake yourself up a bit, do something different, then if you don’t like it, you can always move on. But it gives you a different viewpoint (as you said about your curtains!) Nice, thoughtful piece of work I enjoyed!

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