Monday Morning Coffee- Assessing Goals

Monday morning assessing goals. Yes, it’s another Monday, and time is just flying by. I can’t believe half of the year is gone already. It seems like just yesterday many of us were making our New Years resolutions, getting ourselves mentally organized for what we wanted to accomplish for the year. Setting goals and objectives.

Monday Morning Coffee Assessing our Goals

Like you I had made goals. The few I had seemed pretty doable.

  1. Work on my new RV website
  2. Write some interesting Posts
  3. Prepare financially so I could travel next Spring
  4. Find a small RV, or Van, that I could fix up
  5. Go through my possessions and see what it was I wanted to keep, and what I should give away.
  6. Work on living each day, and helping my mother who has been battling an aggressive form of cancer.

Yes, all these seemed doable, and not really overwhelming, however today I am sitting here wondering what I accomplished in the first 6 months. Today I am sitting here thinking of all the time I have spent putting out fires instead of planting new roses. Today I am thinking of my mother who knows she is dying, doesn’t want to be alone, but drains everyone that tries to help her. She has just completed a difficult week traveling, and the goal was to “have fun”, visit her friends, and see family that doesn’t live in her state. I think the having fun part was a bit forced, but she did see most of the people she wanted, so I guess that part of the goal was accomplished.

I wonder how much work we need to do to be able to say something was accomplished? If I was to have said I want $10 saved by December and I only saved $1, then easily I could measure that goal. Cleaning out possessions is also easy to measure. If we have 5 boxes, and the goal is to go through them, organize and get rid of stuff that has no value to anyone, that’s easy. Or relatively easy. If we said we only want one box at the end, then it’s a little harder…the choices might be harder too. But it can be done.

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. I am reviewing my goals, and figuring out which ones need more work, and which ones I can cross off. I know I have worked on my sites, and all the organizational things. I have looked at many small RV’s and narrowed down the size I want, and the amenities I have to have vs the ones I want to have. It really doesn’t seem like I did enough, but in my own mind I am right on schedule.

As for the living…well, I could say since I am writing this today I am still alive. I could have made more of an effort to find more good in life, laughed more, shared more, and just taken more time to sit and enjoy. Yes, I do think I could have. I have enjoyed life, although I can’t wait until it’s time for my RV trip.

So, now here we are at the first day of the 2nd six months of the year. Today I have a choice. Today we all have a choice what we will do with it. “Either get busy living, or get busy dying,” and since I don’t have an incurable disease, I think I will pick the get busy living option.

Trust and Friendship

Today let’s go find something, or someone that makes us feel alive. Today, let’s finish our coffee and go outside and enjoy living!

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee- Assessing Goals

    • Virginia,
      Good morning! Ahh yes, sometimes we forget to give ourselves enough credit for things we can’t quantify. Today I am going to the county fair, and I think that will qualify as enjoying life :) Hope you have a good day too. As for the other goals, right now the living one sounds best to me 😉

  1. Sometimes I think our measurements are just a recipe for feeling bad about ourselves. Knowing you, I’ll bet you’ve done a lot of “smelling the roses” in these past six months that you’ve forgotten or don’t give yourself credit for. I could say the same for myself.

    You’ve inspired me today to get up from desk and get busy living. It is our daughter’s last day with us after being here for the last three months. I am going to enjoy this day with her.
    Kim recently posted…The Texture of a CommunityMy Profile

    • Kim-
      Yes, sometimes maybe we do forget…but today I am going to the fair with my grandkids. I plan to make sure there is plenty of time for just sitting and enjoying everything around me. And I hope you have a very good day with your daughter!

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