Acceptance Is a Gift

Acceptance is a gift, a seemingly small gift but in reality a very large one.

Last week we talked about Fear and how I was going to try to overcome my 2 worst ones.  I left you with my declaration of trying to go across a very large bridge in Astoria, Oregon, and am happy to say I went over the bridge totally calm. This particular bridge is over 4 miles long, and crosses the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. I sat looking at it for a bit, then accepted it for what it was. I then headed my car onto the bridge and enjoyed the 4.1 miles of this bridge.  In fact, that day I went over several bridges on my way to the top of Washington.  It seemed like everywhere I turned there was another bridge to cross, and it reminded me of life in general.

Bridge at The Dalles  Oregon


I just got back from an amazing trip, one without a cell phone, and mostly without any type of technology, or even a radio.  Just me and my thoughts, which for some people can be outright maddening.  I found it quite refreshing, and emotionally healing.  You see, I had some anxiety about the end of the trip…an appointment I had for my arm that was causing me quite a bit of anxiety.  That day is today.

Appreciate life's gifts

My two week trip was a very rewarding one, and an emotionally healing one. I had to come to grips with the loss of my mother and brother as well as learn to accept the physical limitations of my injury once and for all. It’s been a year since my surgery, and here I am going back to talk to them about their decision of re-doing the surgery because it hasn’t healed.

Sometimes we just need to sit and look around, as the smallest of gifts are often the most gratifying.

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  1. Kathy, I have you in my thoughts and prayers, that this new surgery will accomplish what the earlier one didn’t. You have a wonderful common sense and way of looking at life. I enjoy your Monday morning posts, and thanks for sharing them.
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