My name is Kathy McGraw, and I’m just a normal, down to earth person that loves to write and take photos of everyday things. A few of the most important things about this site is that it’s a place to share Free Images (working on getting that set up), the journey of getting something self-published, and motivational thoughts.

Kathy McGraw

This picture was taken in Hawaii when I traveled over to see a good friend.


Back in early 2000 I started a Photography business but soon learned I didn’t like taking posed pictures of people, nor working for hire with my photography.  Instead I liked the freedom of just taking pictures of what I saw, that I wanted to share.

Many people have set-up blogs but don’t have pictures to use on them, or know how to credit images properly with a Creative Commons license.  I hope to offer some help in both these situations by offering info and images free to use.

I like to share photos, and if you see a copyrighted photo of mine you want to use, just contact me and as long as your site doesn’t promote hatred, illegal activities or anything of that nature, I’d probably say yes.  What good is a picture if it can’t be shared?

Self Publishing

I love to write….and doodle too.  If I have a pen in hand I will write on anything available, doodling out my thoughts, and boy do I have a lot of thoughts!  A million a minute sometimes.

More than 20 years ago I wrote out a short little story that I used to tell a 3 year old boy to get him to sleep.  I named the story Ryan the Fireman.  It sat in my files for 19 years before another writer, Indigo Jansen, challenged me to get it published.  That was quite a journey, learning about Amazons Kindle self-publishing.  Again I plan to share some of the lessons I learned.

Motivation by way of Monday Morning Coffee

The one thing about life is that it often throws us curve balls when we think we are on the right path.  Everything can be going just fine, but then something happens.  Maybe our little ones have grown in obnoxious teenagers and we feel horrible for even thinking their name would look great on a milk carton.  Maybe we lost a loved one, or the recession has given us more challenges than we feel we can handle.  Things that many of us have in common, or can identify with.

I’ve had my fair share of life’s ups and downs, and the Monday Morning Coffee section of this blog is a place for all of us. We all like to see motivational posts, optimistic ones.  I sure like being optimistic more than pessimistic.  It makes for a better world, sharing how we get our optimism back when life throws us those curve balls.

People That Make a Difference

I’ve learned that no matter how much we know,  there is always someone that knows more. I love win-win situations, and people helping others.  When I was making this site, and my new RV travel site, I found out that I just didn’t have the knowledge to make them look right.  These are people that helped me, in one way or another, and people I would highly recommend.

  1. Abie DavisAn extremely talented young man who worked with me to get my sites looking good and functioning better.  He does web designs, and as a professional artist he designed the logo for my other site.  I could not have gotten this far without him.  Oh, and don’t hold it against him that I messed everything up before he came on board 🙂  He’s in the process of making his Web Design site, guess he could do it faster if he wasn’t always working on other people’s sites!
  2. Susanna Duffy– I have had the pleasure of knowing Susanna since 2008, and can’t tell you how many people she’s helped, including me.  As she says on her tag line, “Guaranteed 100% Greed Free.”  You can find her on FB too, an excellent writer, a ton of integrity, and a wicked sense of humor.
  3. Casey van Bronkhorst– Helps coach people, and offers a lot of free help in different FB groups.  She has been online for years and helping people is what she does best.  I know because of the help she gave me!


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